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 Interview Series Stars 2007

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Charlie Baker
Charlie Baker

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PostSubject: Interview Series Stars 2007   Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:26 am

I don´t find Clark is this good and straight. As a matter of fact, what makes him interesting is that he is very human. He constantly battles with moral questions and tries to sort out the good and the bad. Clark´s choices sometimes have devastating consequences for the people around him. He bears quite some fault, and that´s why I think he is far from perfect. And fortunately so, because it is quite boring to play such a type of role. I am therefore not yet tired of this character."

"Doing love scenes bothers me a lot! Kissing actresses whom I regard as my friends makes me feel uneasy. It´s an intimate thing, and now that I am married I feel like I´d cheat on my wife. Fortunately, my wife Jamie knows how fastidious and not at all romantic it is to shoot these scenes. So she´s not worried about it."

"Basically, it is very easy to identify with Clark. The main motivation of the character is his desire to be normal. Yet he slowly discovers that normality doesn´t exist. That´s exactly what you feel when you grow up. At school you may look like everybody else, fit in, not being considered a zero or someone bizarre. But when becoming an adult, you realize that everything is a little crazy and that normality is a myth."

"During two shoots, it happens often that I pick up something from the abundant mail that the Smallville production receives. Contrary to what everyone believes, I get more mail from boys rather than girls. In general these are very nice letters, in which they ask me for advice, tell me their secrets, or ask me indiscreet questions about the girls on set. It´s not boring!"

"I really don´t lead the life of a star. I devote my time to my wife. Now and then Jamie and I go out to have a drink with friends. Numerous shows are produced in Vancouver, and so it happens regularly that I meet some buddies there. I got to know Jensen Ackles when he played Jason Teague in Season 4. Now he is on Supernatural here in Vancouver. Together with Michael Rosenbaum we often visit the set of this show. Michael, Jensen, Jared Padalecki and I play golf together, and we frequently meet for a beer after work. That´s cool enough, but we also find ways to play pranks on each other to interrupt the monotony..."

"I don´t have much free time when shooting Smallville. It took quite some time for my wife and me to get used to that, but now we´ve got there. It has become normal for me to leave early in the morning in order to work 12-14 hours on set. That belongs to my daily routine now. I have done this for six years, nine months each year, and I don´t complain. There are much harder jobs than this. I worked at a construction site before becoming a model and then an actor, and that´s not more of a repose."

"Whenever we can, we receive groups who dedicate their work to young patients suffering from rare diseases. These are always magic moments in which we can bring some happiness to these children, who thus instantly forget their condition. We show them the set, make them meet the cast and crew, and they leave with their heads full of sparkles".

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Charlie Baker
Charlie Baker

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PostSubject: Re: Interview Series Stars 2007   Mon Sep 17, 2012 4:56 pm

that's always been one of my favorite interviews, glad he confronted how he feels about kissing scenes.

the actress from Season 8's Charlotte Sullivan was asked about her scene with Tom and she mentioned that he's a happily married man. I thought that was cute.
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Interview Series Stars 2007
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