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 Tom Welling & Justin Hartley Vancouver (march 2011)

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Charlie Baker
Charlie Baker

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PostSubject: Tom Welling & Justin Hartley Vancouver (march 2011)   Tue Mar 06, 2012 4:33 pm

Tom Welling – Justin hartley , Restaurant in Vancouver to help raise money for victims for the Japanese earthquake

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More Here [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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PostSubject: Re: Tom Welling & Justin Hartley Vancouver (march 2011)   Tue Mar 06, 2012 4:59 pm

Quote :


Original Blog is in Japanese and is located here. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

I am going to introduce the cuisine catering mainly in the workplace. I think other, as they are about to go write the events of daily life.
After the last visit Smallville's Tom and Justin.

Today came to Tojozu of friends for Tom, to the last dinner in Vancouver.
I was surprised because it was just said events of yesterday, and please send the goods to charity events use the phone.
Goods for the charity firm has been received today.
We Japanese people are, I know the drama What are you called overseas Smallville (small building).
In Japan, it is so entitled Smallville where I was examined.
As the title, Clark is a story about a young hero of Superman as we know too.
It was aired in Japan, NHK is apparently start.
Then, it seems to have been aired on cable TV or SKY.
According to the information of Japan is a wiki.
Here is a very popular drama all throughout the season.
HP of Smallville here! !
The English version, please take a look.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Well, let's talk about the drama and then get down to business put up here.
Us this superstar, has lent the power of people to the victims of the earthquake in Japan today.
And posters autographed picture of events for use in charity auction.
And, I received a video letter to.
Bon Jovi is the same as I gave you this before.
Was willingly takes care for the people and not anything I can do.
Super superstar, I is the difference between Yappari Heart. Geki thick

Mr. Tomuu~erin This person is Mr. Tomuu~erin.

Although I became folded also noticed how when you see this face,

Now that we've taken the final season of SMALLVILLE, is likely to return to Los Angeles.
I was in Vancouver I will be lonely for a long time.
I remember the old days.
Both public and private good is a friend and go to concerts of Aerosmith, and you meet at an Italian restaurant.
Cheers for hard work was really long.
It is not like that since the last farewell will come to Vancouver next month, but like the last farewell and say such a thing. Lol

Tom is for charity events, took me for a sign.
This T-shirt will be available for a donation securely.
Thank you very much.

Mean that the end was taking pictures with everyone.
Tom and so everyone acquainted with each other for a long time chef, was so Yappari Nagorioshi.
Everyone is a good smile.
Reconstruction and also in the affected areas of Japan that early, so everyone can return to healthy, only hope to regain a bright smile every day as many people as one again.

Mr. Jamie Commemorative photo at the end with Mr. Tom's wife Jamie.

Mr. Jamie does not have a photo that was taken that are difficult to photograph so much.

I did not see her in photos so earlier.

Tom also, the photos Listen to Jamie

Had said. It would also actually do not know that it is this photo here.
As a matter of fact, be tight security is more than Jamie's Photos Tom's Photos.
You'll be angry and come out such a thing! ! But some people might say, there is a fine place.
You have that good deception. Will smile all right. Is a great friend since I ·. Sweat smile

Hey why not is up on YouTube soon · · ·.

Another of today's events while waiting for

Fundraising activities in front of the shop as usual even today! !
Today's your bad coal tit, rain in the morning. In the afternoon was cloudy, it was very cold.
I have been caught a cold from the day before yesterday, we kick - off with a cup of cold medicine before the firm to go out.
Anyway, Today is cold.
I still have the cold winter like to say that spring is close.
But yesterday was warm.
When compared to the disaster area, I'll like the cold is no big deal but.

Fundraising activities Fundraising activities

My imagination or everyone?
It has plump cheeks are.
Aeration because the law had been pledged from the donuts and Miho actually Ryo-chan. There were also achievements in the cold hard smile today.
I received a donation from everyone warm.
The goal is $ 10,000 Canadian Dollar First! !
I'll do my best!

When you return to the shop, and much of my writing a message for those who the victims to fold paper cranes were my friends.
From each customer, who has come to a store, and then give me a warm message.
The objectives of this number it is not a thousand paper cranes.
10000 is a crane feather.
Strive towards the goal also is in here.

One person for everyone, everyone for one person! !
One for all. All for one!!
Takizawa teacher adviser Rugby on TV drama "School Wars" of old Japan? Is boilerplate.
Is not that going to the activities of the right to this word! !
Thank you for great length today.

News people living in Vancouver.
April a few days, you must be a van Sen Dew Flower Garden Fair Japan Cherry Blossom Festival.
The location, VanDusen Botanical Garden
Five thousand two hundred fifty-one Oak Street (37th & Oak), Vancouver, BC Map >>
Information is here! !

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Then, in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre from 7pm on Wednesday 19 April,
Charity event for the earthquake northeast of Japan will be held.
This event is led by the city of Vancouver, is likely to be operated by everyone thanks to all who support free of charge.
Details can be found after you as soon as we know also reported.
I think today was because I also received this information, as they are about to go hit the place like a variety of personal connections and can help with this event as much as possible.
Go to the City of Vancouver also be stylish.
For nothing is not so high tax taking.

See you soon.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
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Tom Welling & Justin Hartley Vancouver (march 2011)
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